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Meet Our Team

We are a Miami, Florida, federal criminal defense law firm that aggressively and successfully defends individuals and corporations charged with all types of federal crimes. Our team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys, investigators, and certified paralegals have decades of experience litigating federal criminal cases across the United States.

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Whether our clients desire to challenge the government’s charges against them with no expense spared through trial, or simply desire to resolve their criminal charges as expeditiously and favorably as possible by reaching an agreement with the United States Attorney, our firm provides top-notch legal representation that is only gained from years of successful experience in federal court.

Variety of Locations for Client Convenience

With our main office located in Miami, Florida and branch offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Bogota, Colombia we make it easy for our clients to meet with us and provide them prompt guidance and clear answers to their questions and concerns. The time our lawyers and staff spend with our clients maximizes the potential for a positive outcome on each individual case.

Capable & Qualified Defense

Not every lawyer or law firm is qualified to handle criminal cases in Federal court. Since Federal criminal charges threaten freedom and disrupt family, business, and professional affairs like no other type of criminal case, hiring law firms with years of experience in Federal Court is essential. Since beginning his Federal practice as a defense lawyer nearly 20 years ago, Mr. Petruzzi has dedicated the majority of his practice to federal criminal defense.

Our firm’s ultimate goal is to thoroughly defend our clients with professionalism and respect. While our firm’s federal criminal defense practice include trials, appeals, and post-conviction litigation, we also professionally handle a variety of other matters.

We are able to handle sub-specialty matters including the following:

  • Criminal forfeitures
  • Civil forfeitures
  • Sentence reductions
  • Vacating convictions and sentences based on changes in case law, statute, or the discovery of new evidence

Our firm is passionate about advocating for our clients in Federal Court. Despite the differences between every Federal case and every Federal charge, we always meet our clients' legal challenges.

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