Federal Criminal Defense in Miami
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Today's theme in big city criminal defense: airplanes. It's almost 11:30 and I'm at Miami International Airport waiting for my day to end. Why? Because one of my smuggling clients is being released from custody, to ME! Really, I don't know why. He was caught smuggling almost a hundred grand, served a ridiculously short sentence, and was supposed to be deported back to his country. But here I am. The good agents at immigration and customs (or whoever they are these days) called me on my cell at home and now here I am. Hey, whatever. As long as my client is free and happy, why ask too many questions of our men in blue.

But today has been an airplane day all around. It started in Federal Court with my client from Las Vegas who is now stuck here on an eBay fraud case and then to Federal Magistrate Court for my other client who surrendered himself by hopping on a flight from Port Au Prince to Miami.

End of the day. And two of my clients are free.