Federal Criminal Defense in Miami
Available 24/7 305.340.2006

Why We Love Trials and Juries

Two high profile cases have been slogging along in Federal Court in Miami for the past few weeks: US v. Steiner before Judge Williams and US v. Khan before Judge Scola. In each case, the Government's spin machine was operating at full tilt before the trials started. The Defendants in each case were "guilty until proven innocent." One of the prosecutors in the Steiner case even bragged about having seized legal fees from the Defendant's prior lawyer (extra credit if any reader can correctly post the AUSA who did so).

Oh, how the Fifth and Sixth Amendments can change everything. The co-defendant in Khan had his charges dismissed and now, after a lengthy trial, it looks like the jurors (who are still deliberating) are coasting to acquittal. Meanwhile, Steiner's co-defendant was acquitted of all counts, while Steiner was convicted of a mere fraction of those that were charged (of course, two other cases before Judges Scola and Rosenbaum remain pending for both).