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Tax Fraud Crimes

Tax fraud is any willful act done with the intent of cheating the government out of money entitled for the Internal Revenue Service. While many people that file their own taxes may make some mistakes, the crime of tax fraud involves deliberately engaging in methods and practices intended to deceive the Internal Revenue Service of money.

Tax fraud occurs when someone:

  • Intentionally evades the payment of taxes

  • Files a knowingly false tax return

  • Engages in identity theft to obtain tax monies not owed

  • Makes false claims on tax returns

With how complex the tax code is, it is only natural that some mistakes can be made. Careless errors do not indicate fraud. Suspicious activity, such as overstating deductions or exemptions, underreporting income, falsifying documents, claiming a nonexistent dependent, concealing income, using a fake Social Security number, or classifying personal expenses as business expenses.

When the Internal Revenue Service discovers that someone may have committed tax fraud, they may face both civil and criminal penalties, including imprisonment, fines and restitution.

If you or a loved one have been accused of tax fraud, you can work with a criminal defense attorney to protect your name and preserve your future. Proving that you did not mean to defraud the government could mean the difference between significant jail time and keeping your freedoms.