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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Promises More Drug Prosecutions

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a memo directing all U.S. Attorneys to seek the most serious of charges relating to drug crimes which carry mandatory minimum sentences. This is a major set-back from the Obama administration directing all U.S. Attorneys to use discretion when seeking charges relating to drug crimes and to avoid mandatory minimum sentences if possible. Now, with this administration, all U.S. Attorneys are being told to seek the maximum penalty in drug cases. It was the first time in over a generation that federal prisons saw a decline with inmate population during the Obama administration. However, Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes that such leniency has inspired other crimes.

At the Law Offices of Paul Peruzzi, we do not agree with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ planned directive. Such strict enforcement essentially leads to a heavy burden on the taxpayer for the prosecution and incarceration of what are generally non-violent offenders. Indeed, most of these offenders need treatment rather than lengthy prison sentences. You can read the memorandum issued by Jeff Sessions here.