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Congress Appropriates No Money to Justice Department to Interfere with State Medical Marijuana Laws

Last week, when Congress revealed the new budget, it was sure to include an amendment which prohibited the justice department from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. This has appeared to be an ongoing agenda of Congress since 2014 when they first stated that the justice department may not interfere with state medical marijuana laws. Such an amendment will undermine Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s agenda to crack down on state medical marijuana laws. This is also the same person who once said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” However, the eight states that have fully legalized recreational marijuana would not be protected by this act of Congress. For now, however, the Justice Department will be prohibited from interfering with state medical marijuana laws.

At the Law Offices of Paul Petruzzi, we stand with this act of Congress. Although the federal government has supremacy, the states should be free to regulate this arena as its use for medical purposes has become more and more widely accepted. Indeed, it draws to attention Congress’s potential skepticism with the current legal status of marijuana. Could federal legalization be around the corner? Time will tell.