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A conviction in the federal court system generally means a federal prison sentence, hefty fines and other consequences including forfeiture of assets and deportation from the United States. Convictions based on errors before or during trial are a miscarriage of justice and persons wrongfully convicted may be serving time in federal prison when they should not be.

At our firm, the Law Offices of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A., we are proud of our reputation for success in federal court, both as defense counsel and on federal appeals. There are few law firms that choose to get involved in the appeals process as the process requires extensive research, both of the trial proceedings and case law. We believe that a person deserves to be treated justly in the federal system, and when we take on a federal appeal, we give it our all. With over 21 years of experience in federal court, you can be confident that you are represented by a true legal professional that knows the system and how to present your appeal in the best possible light.

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A Miscarriage of Justice in Federal Court: Your Rights After Conviction

No matter what, you have the right to file an appeal. This process is difficult and requires the help of a seasoned professional to craft a brief and argue your case successfully.

Appeals are different than a standard case:

  • To win an appeal, you must clearly show that there was some legal error that resulted in your conviction.
  • There is no right to submit new evidence in most cases,
  • If there was evidence that could have led to an acquittal that was illegally withheld in discovery, this could be considered a basis for a post-sentence challenge.

As a highly trained and successful federal litigator, our lead attorney has gained a reputation for his victories in federal court. You have the opportunity to contact us directly for counsel. As a notice of appeal ought to be filed within 14 days following the judgment, you have no time to waste. It is absolutely imperative that you get in touch with our Miami federal appeals lawyer at once so that you do not lose your right to seek justice and to right the wrong that has taken place.

Why Hire a Different Lawyer for Your Criminal Appeal

After all the pain of an arrest, arraignment, pretrial motions to suppress evidence, rejected plea bargains, and a trial, the verdict is now in. GUILTY! The word hits you like a wrecking ball. And now you or a loved one are most likely going to prison. What now? It’s certainly not the best time to be thinking of hiring another lawyer. You are obviously going through the most difficult time of your life, but it’s definitely not the time to make a bad choice.

So let’s take a look at whether hiring a criminal appeals specialist is the right choice for you:

  • Yes - If you lost at trial and want to appeal a conviction and/or sentence, you might want to stick with your current lawyer because he or she makes you comfortable. That’s perfectly understandable. In fact, if your lawyer is experienced in handling criminal appeals, sticking with him or her might be the right decision.
  • No - If not, you might still think that your lawyer did a great job under the circumstances and that he or she knows your case better than anyone would. That could very well be true, but a great trial lawyer is not necessarily a great appeals lawyer.

Trial Lawyers vs. Appeals Lawyers

Yes, there are lawyers with substantial experience in both trials and appeals. We have tried many cases before juries and handled many waiver trials, but we have also handled many appeals and post-conviction matters. Trust us – the experiences are not the same.

A trial is like an actual fight with rules, many of which are broken. An appeal is kind of like going over a replay of the fight, arguing over what was wrong and what was right about what the fighters did, and figuring out who would have won had the most important rules not been broken. You need a streetfighter for a trial. You need a nitpicker for an appeal.

Hire an Experienced Miami Federal Appeals Attorney!

We work with other lawyers all the time. If your appeal is successful, you can always go back to your original trial lawyer if a new trial is granted, but you should worry about the appeal or post-conviction matter first. Whether you are appealing before a state or federal appeals court, the right lawyer can make the difference between serving a long prison term and, say, getting a new trial where inadmissible evidence cannot be introduced.

Do not hire a lawyer just because you like their trial skills. The right decision is to hire an experienced criminal appeals lawyer. A fresh pair of eyes can frequently find that one point that will lead an appeals court to reverse a conviction, reduce a sentence, or grant a habeas petition. Unfortunately, the right lawyer might also uncover mistakes your trial lawyer made that may result in a reversal of the conviction.

If you have any questions regarding how we can help with a criminal appeal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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