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As we delve more into the 21st century computers have become an ever present part of our everyday reality and has come to represent the preferred location for much of our personal information. With this there has been a large wave of criminal offenses that have taken place on the internet. These crimes are diverse, but typically include unauthorized access to private information and the use of protected intellectual property.

If you are being charged with a computer crime it is important to contact an attorney immediately to receive the representation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A., we have over 25 years of experience defending our client’s rights. Especially when it comes to computer crimes, the law may not always be clear, our always available attorney can help guide you through your entire case through dedicated and aggressive legal tactics.

What Constitutes a Computer Crime?

Typically, computer criminal offenses center around forms of hacking that reveals the private information of others for monetary gain. If you are being charged with a crime involving other computer users it is important to understand the legal process in Florida. An individual must knowingly, willfully, and without permission access another individual’s computer, system, network, and/or electric device. Then this unauthorized access must result in destruction, injury, damages, or digital contamination to be under violation of the Florida Computer Crimes Act. In addition, any audio or video surveillance is also an illegal act that includes any access to the data on another individual’s computer.

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It can be at times easy to defend these allegations due to the anonymous nature of computer usage, however, you need to have an attorney that knows what they are doing. Computer crimes can come with stiff penalties, including a felony charge which can include 1st degree or 3rd degree felonies, depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. With more than 500 successful criminal defense cases under our belt, the Law Offices of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A. is dedicated to providing outstanding client centered services for those facing criminal charges.

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